Holiday Gift Guide – 2017

‘Tis the season to buy many, many presents! I love exchanging gifts . . . when I feel like I have great gift ideas. Otherwise the gift buying process is extremely anxiety-provoking for me. Anyone with me? Up until this point, I have been the kind of shopper who goes searching for specific products. I haven’t really tended to be great at stumbling upon great products, on sale or not. But this year, I’m making a concerted effort to be a different kind of shopper! I’m searching out deals, planning gift ideas ahead, figuring out what’s “in” now. What is this? Adulthood?? Wild.

I’m planning to make this post a running list of gift ideas that I stumble across throughout the holiday season. These are all products that are on my wish list, on the wish lists of friends and family, or things I think lots of people out there might like. You can click the link or photo associated with each post to get more information on each item and to purchase it. Here’s to hoping you find an idea in here somewhere!

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