Hello & Welcome!


A few things about me:

I’m a doctoral student studying clinical psychology. Ask me anything you want about this! I love my job, even when I complain about long hours. 🙂

I love to travel, and constantly dream about having more time to do so.

I like to read. A LOT. I’m always in the middle of reading two books. I know that’s bad practice, but whatever.

I dabble in short story writing.

Netflix is second only to all of the wonderful people I know and love.

I have a lot of opinions.


I started this blog in order to share my thoughts, opinions, and niche expertise. I never aim to offend, but I do aim to share my (sometimes unpopular) opinions on quite a few topics. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via comment or email (paigetakeslife@gmail.com) if you feel I could/should be more sensitive about any given topic.



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