What I Loved: October 2017

Man, I feel like I just wrote one of these . . . I guess that’s because I did. Whoops! I was realllllly late with my September favorites, so I thought I’d try to be a little faster with October. This month was approximately 2 hours long, so there wasn’t time for much, but here’s what I did get into last month:

Cold Weather

I spent my childhood and teenage years in states that didn’t really get much colder than, say, 65 degrees. So I have always yearned for the cold. It is my preferred state. Who wants to sweat every time they even think about moving?? Not me. Who wants a nice, crisp breeze surrounding them at all times? Me! I will admit that October was not anywhere near as cold as I expected it to be, but the weather was mostly in the 60s, which is better than the 90s. And we even got down to a high of 50-something for Halloween! We’re getting there, team!


I love, love, love sweaters. Sweaters suitable for work, sweaters suitable for play, sweaters suitable for lounging – all of them. Thus, I bought every sweater I unapologetically bought every sweater I could find in October. Here are a sampling of a few I got from Target.

I also raided H&M, but if I included photos of all of those sweaters, this entire page would be nothing but sweaters. So I decided to spare you. In any case, both H&M and Target have great sweater options right now, and both stores also have great sales. So check them out if you need just as many new sweaters as I do. And if you find any other good sweater deals, please let me know!

Schitt’s Creek

Thank you to not only God but Jesus for bringing this show into my life. I had previously watched the first two seasons on Netflix, and in October, Netflix added season three. #Blessed. Guys, this show is hilarious. It follows a formerly wealthy family who are forced to move to a small, rural town — that the father purchased as a joke — following some money troubles. It’s delightful. I invite you to indulge. My favorite character is literally everyone, which is a tell-tale sign of a truly amazing show.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

I went to see this movie as an act of self-care during a very stressful weekend toward the end of the month. What a treat. It tells the story of the man who invented Wonder Woman and the women who inspired her creation – his wives. Yes, plural. This movie is waaaaay less kinky than you’re probably imagining. I found it to be quite a beautiful love story. There is so much vulnerability in this film. I really recommend that you see it. It made me appreciate and love Wonder Woman even more, and I wasn’t aware that was possible.

Memes etc.

The memes were on point this month, guys. These were my faves in no particular order:

October was treat. I’m excited to see what the final two months of the year have in store.

Also, I’m definitely listening to Christmas music as I write this. What of it?

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