What I Loved: September 2017

I cannot believe that we are almost done with October and I am just now writing this post . . . Shameful. September was a pretty good — albeit very busy — month. These things helped me survive through the busiest of times:


I’m obsessed with candles; let’s just start there. I find that Bath & Body Works offers the most bang for your buck, particularly when they hold candle sales (which is often). Candle burning is a year-round activity for me; however, I will admit that there is something particularly cozy about burning candles when the temperature drops. A lit candle on fall and winter days makes whatever banal task you’re completing seem almost pleasant. Almost. I like to burn a candle several times per week. And I am always sure to try a new scent out. I was all about the Sandalwood scent in September. How sleek is the jar?! Thankfully, I still have a bit more of this to burn this month.

B&BW Sandalwood Candle


The third season of Narcos had my heart in September. This season primarily focused on the rise and fall of the Cali cartel following the capture and murder of Pablo Escobar. The acting was superb, and the show was every bit as entertaining as previous seasons. Also, can I just say how lovely it is to watch a show set in a non-English speaking country where the actors are clearly from the general region and speak the native language throughout the entire show?? YAS.


I saw Commonwealth recommended everywhere for what felt like months on end, so I decided to pick it up to read on my commute. It made for a decent train-read. The first 100 pages or so were somewhat slow, but it really picked up after that. There was a small twist/mystery that I wasn’t expecting, and I found it really interesting to “watch” the main characters become adults. Overall, I wish there had been more about the kids and about the effects of the divorces, as those were the elements that will stick with me from this book. But alas. In any case, this was a nice, relatively light read, and I would never tell anyone not to pick it up. That being said, I don’t think reading this book is going to change anyone’s life.


After years of resistance, I started using Spotify for the first time in September, and I pretty quickly found my current favorite song: “Mistakes” by Tove Styrke. Go give it a listen. I was also fond of “Rainbow” (Sia), “Sleepover” (Hayley Kiyoko), and, quite randomly, “Cruisin'” (Smokey Robinson). I love everything about music, particularly the bit where I listen to the same song 100000000 times in a row for an entire week (or more). I’m lucky to have had so many favorites in September. I’m still dancing around my apartment to “Mistakes” in October.

Bodega Boys

Bodega Boys is a podcast that began in 2015 and ended this year (I believe). The hosts have moved on to host a television show that’s very similar in content through Viceland. My best friend’s brother introduced me to this podcast and I have not turned back. The hosts are two comedians from the Bronx — Desus Nice and The Kid Mero — both of whom are absolutely hilarious. They discuss current events in a way that is informative and wildly entertaining. I love completely unscripted entertainment and I especially love listening to Desus and Mero play off of each other. I can’t think of a better way to start my days. Also, since I’m listening to all of the episodes starting from the first podcast in 2015, I’m getting to relive the best and the worst of times! Some highlights: the white male Brooklynite who yelled at another white male about gentrifying Brooklyn, being sure to announce that he settled Brooklyn for all of these white people (An amazing video from start to finish); the Zola story, told in 100000 tweets (where is our follow-up/check-in story?); anything and everything pre-election. If you have never listened to this podcast, just start from the beginning and treat yourself. You deserve it. If you’ve already listened to every episode, listen to them all again. You, too, deserve it.

Memes etc.

As I told you in August, I love a good meme (and other similar internet things that aren’t technically memes). Here are my faves from September:

Meme 8
I don’t know what to tell you; I love being single.
Meme 7
Because I love overhearing people loving on each other. Also because male friendships continue to be so thoroughly intriguing to me. Hit me up to explain, guys.
Meme 6
I think this one speaks for itself.
Meme 5
This one is my favorite because it isn’t even a meme. This is an HONEST TO GOD serious depiction of what might happen if you’re a little too heavy on the oil in Bulletproof coffee. Needless to say, I did not try Bulletproof coffee #DISASTERPANTS
Meme 4
I fucking love being an adult sometimes.
Meme 3
An accurate depiction of every morning of my life.
Meme 2
I haven’t felt refreshed since elementary school. Get off my back, “Margret.”
Meme 1
Electrical Engineer/daughter to the rescue.

That’s a very late wrap on September! Does this mean that I have to accept that it’s October now?


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